So you had an accident with one of your teeth, or maybe it was a child, or even a neighbor? Here is what you should do right off the bat if you have dental trauma – For Utah residents.

  1. Of course, stay calm – there will probably be some blood depending on the injury, and it may seem scary, but due to how many blood vessels there are in the lip and gums areas, there will be blood, but it is not normally life threatening when it only involves teeth for healthy individuals.
  2. Find the tooth! If it got knocked out, try to look around and see if it can’t be found! Success drastically improves if that tooth can be replanted within 30 minutes, even if its a little dirty pick it up, possibly clean it up, and either store it or replant it!
  3. Store it! If you manage to have a tooth saver or Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution in your house, then bonus points for you! Most people don’t, so honestly, the best recommendation, and most practical is to store it in MILK. It has a pH that will help preserve that tooth and improve success. Don’t have any milk? You can always store it in the mouth, worse comes to worse!
  4. See your dentist/endodontist immediately. If you can get in quick, the sooner the better. Again, success drastically improves if that tooth is not dry for more than 30 minutes, so store it, and find a dentist to replant it.
  5. Follow up care as needed. Following replanting or splinting the tooth, you may need a root canal, depending on your situation, to save the tooth. If no root canal is done, your tooth may resorb, which means the body will get rid of it, leaving you without your pearly white!

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