I am frequently surprised that patients come in not knowing there is such a specialist as an Endodontist, or root canal doctor. There is someone that solely does root canals and is very good at what they do! Just a little background info regarding endodontists, or root canal specialists:

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy (AKA root canals) — procedures, involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp. The word “endodontic” comes from “endo” meaning inside and “odont” meaning tooth, so “inside the tooth.” Like many medical terms, it’s Greek. All dentists are trained in diagnosis and endodontic therapy, however, some teeth can be especially difficult to diagnose and treat. That’s why you might be sent to an endodontist, or you may decide to say “no thanks” to your dentist, and have a specialist do the root canal for you!

In addition to dental school, endodontists receive two or more years of advanced education in this kind of treatment. They study root canal techniques and procedures in greater depth, for diagnosis and treatment of more difficult cases. For this reason, many dentists choose to refer their patients to endodontists. Add to that that an endodontist has special equipment regular dentists may not have, as well as the tactile sense to treat difficult cases.

In short, an endodontist is your best friend to get you out of pain! If you’re experiencing any pain, please call our office located in Lehi, Utah today at 801-901-6095 or visit our website at www.eastpointendodontics.com. Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Gavyn Smith