So you’ve been told your tooth is cracked? Or you haven’t and you’re noticing a dark line appearing down the middle of your tooth? All of us in Utah have cracked teeth, even dentists, but some cracks deepen over time due to chewing, habits or injury. If that happens, you may notice your tooth becoming sensitive to hot or cold or you may have pain when biting or chewing food. Either way, if you suspect a crack, endodontists are specially trained to diagnose them, and if you are located in Utah or Salt Lake County, we would love to have you in our office!

There are two main approaches to treating a crack, depending on the extent and symptoms of it. If the crack is only slight, you may be able to crown it without having to do endodontic treatment. If it is more severe, a root canal will be needed prior to placing a crown, otherwise the symptoms may worsen as the nerve dies off.

If any of these symptoms apply to you, or if you would just like us to take a look at your cracked tooth, please call our office located in Lehi, Utah today at 801-901-6095 or visit our website at Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Smith