Why a root canal specialist in Lehi Utah?

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5 Reasons to choose a root canal specialist (Endodontist)

1) We do root canals all day, every day – that enables us to have the experience for complex teeth!
2) We can do root canals faster – A root canal should not be an all day visit. The majority of our root canals take 45min-1hour.
3) We have the technology needed – Microscopes are a must for root canals to ensure proper cleaning of your abscessed tooth. We have those along with many other important pieces of dental equipment.
4) We have more options for you – Whether you have an immature root, a cracked tooth, or a complicated failed root canal, we have more options than just extracting your tooth!
5) We can make your visit comfortable – If you’re anxious about your root canal, we use sedation dentistry to help your appointment be as smooth as possible!

Hopefully that helps! If you are in need of an emergency dentist to treat your root canal problem, please contact us right away to see about our insurances and payment plans we accept. Thanks!